Jiffy Esteam Travel Steamer

Jiffy Esteam Travel Steamer Review

If you are a traveler and you are looking for the perfect steamer that you can always travel around with you, then you have to stick to this powerful Jiffy Esteam Travel Steamer.

It is meant for the steaming suits dresses and other kinds of clothes that you want to steam with gentle power. It is portable and that is why it is designed for simple operation. It is not meant for heavy duty purposes. It is meant for travelers.

ESTEAM Personal Hand Held Steamer, 120

The tank could contain water of about eight ounces and it uses only plain tap water.

It is such efficient that you are going to see the effects within a short time of using the product. Within the short period, it is going to remove wrinkles from your clothes.

If you want to travel with it, you can simply pack it into your suitcases and move with it. There is hardly any other esteem steamer that can compare with it.

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Portable jiffy esteam travel steamer

One great thing that you are going to observe in this Jiffy Esteam Travel Steamer is the portability.

The product is highly portable. All that you need to do is to pack it into your briefcase and move along with it. It is also portable because it has lightweight components.

It is meant for those who are always on the move and you can always use it as you go. It is gentle to your cloth and you can see that it is meant to suit the US volts and it can equally fit into other countries energy use requirements.

Gentle on your clothes

The other thing that you are going to observe about this product is that it is gentle on your clothes. If you have suits in your home and you are looking for the best steamer to apply, then you have to opt for this product.

Though it is gentle to your clothes, it would get deep into your clothes and remove all the dirties inside the clothes. It can be used on different kinds of garments in your home and gentle power would ensure that the garment is well-taken care.


Another thing that you are going to observe here is that this portable clothes steamer is durable.

This is because it is made of the most durable and high impact plastic material. This is used to house the steamer. It is not exposed to adverse weather especially when you are traveling with it because it is well protected and well housed.

Even if you are traveling with it, it would not scratch and that is the essence of the cover. This is the way the steamer would serve you for a very time.


Perhaps the greatest thing about this product is the high steaming power.

It performs such high that within fifteen minutes that you would have achieved a very wonderful result with the product. When you refill jiffy esteam travel steamer, it would serve you for fifteen minutes.

If you compare the efficiency with the size of the handheld steamer, you would doubt whether it can perform that efficiently. The steamer is imbued with lots of power, and it is the best that serve travelers purpose. It is highly recommended.


  • Very durable because of high impact plastic casing
  • 600 watts heating feature which correspond to 120 volts in the US
  • Works for 15 minutes after each refilling
  • It has three years warranty and it features quick one-time minute heat for a time
  • It is portable and this means that it is lightweight
  • It offers a gentle steaming power and that is why it presses gently.


  • It is compactly built and that is why you can travel with it, as it is portable
  • It steams suits dresses gently as well as other types of fabrics.
  • It operates at eight hundred watts and this makes it more powerful than other portable steamers that you can ever think of.


  • It passes through dihydro monoxide easily, this simply shows that it is not supplied with sufficient quantities of water for steaming.
  • It does not have any type of control switch such an on and off switch, which is not good.
  • It has only four steaming vents. This means that it would not supply enough quantity of water for your gentle steaming.

Frequently Asked Question

Q: Does it contain on and off switch, or to operate it you have to plug and unplug it?

A: This steamer does not come with a switch that puts it on and off. For you to use it, you have to plug it in and plug it off after use.

Q: Can it be used in Italy?

A: For use in Italy, you need a product that offers higher voltage as this one that does not guarantee sufficient voltage.

Q: Can I travel with this steamer?

A: Yes, you can actually travel with it, and that is why it is portable. You can travel with it, but it could add another bag to your luggage

Final Verdict…

This steamer is the Jiffy Esteam Travel Steamer that you can lay your hands on the market.

It is better and works faster and more efficient than clothes iron. It can be used to steam different kinds of fabrics such as suit coats, ties, trench coats, jeans, as well as jackets.

This is one of the best investments that you can ever make as you can use it on the go. If you are looking for a jiffy esteam that you can derive maximum benefits even as you travel, you have to opt for this product. It is the best of its kind that you can lay your hands on the market.

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