Rowenta DR8080 X-Cel Steam Powerful best handheld garment steamer

This best handheld garment steamer would make a great difference in your appearance. It is easy and simple to use as it can be ready for use within the first forty-five seconds. The device is powerful and portable as it is handheld. If you are looking for that perfect steamer that guarantees you wrinkle free clothing, then you have to opt for this product from Rowenta.

The steamer was designed to offer you the best as you can see from 1500 watts of power. This is powerful and that is why you are guaranteed a perfect steaming within a short time.

Moreover, it was meant to ensure a powerful and unique steam distribution with its very large micro head that is composed of metal materials. This has multiple holes and that is why you are guaranteed an equitable distribution of steam. Because you are sure of achieving a perfect result.

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Steams in no time

One of the great features of this best handheld garment steamer is that it can steam your clothes within a very short period. It can start steaming within the first forty-five seconds, and it is such effective that you are going to observe the results within the earliest possible time.

It starts at the rate of one thousand five hundred watts, and that is why it can de-wrinkle your shirts in just a few minutes. This means that you can use your clothes where you want to go because it does not demand ironing.

Ease of use

Another thing that makes this best handheld clothing steamer great is the fact that it is easy to use. It is stress-free as it can heat up and you can begin to use it within the next forty-five seconds. It was designed in such a way that it is handheld.

It is one of the best handheld steamers on the market. If you have an essential place to go, you should opt for this product because it is going to deliver its results within a few minutes and even a novice can use it as it is not difficult to use it.


Removable water tank

To ensure that you do not encounter any difficulty while steaming your clothes, the device is fitted with a removable water tank. It means that you can remove and refill it when the water is exhausted.

When it is refilled, it is going to supply you with consistent steam for at least ten minutes. This time is enough for you to do most of your steaming. The water tank is sized about 6.76 ounces. It can use tap water. All that you need to do is to make the water available and refill the tank when it becomes necessary.


Flexible storage

Another important feature that you are going to like here is the flexible storage. This is perfect for those who do not have enough storage spaces in your home.

This is one of the reasons the product is often described as user-friendly, you can just hang it anywhere in your home. You can use it at anytime you want and at anywhere you go. It is fitted with a chair hanger as well as a stable base. To ensure that you use it with ease and store it where it would not disturb anybody.

Can handle different kinds of fabrics

It is a versatile steamer as it was meant to treat different types of fabrics. This means that it can be used to steam all kinds of clothes in your wardrobe.

It is suitable for all types of drapes and liners and several other such as the steam bonnet, lint pad, as well as fabric brush.These were put there to ensure that users have a customizable experience with the product. These attachments are meant to make sure that you achieve perfect results.


  • It is easy and straightforward to use
  • It is handheld
  • The device is ready to steam within the first forty-five seconds
  • The method ensures constant steaming for at least ten minutes
  • It is fitted with removable tanks

Moreover, it is equipped with necessary accessories, which is needed for steaming such as fabric brush, lint pad, as well as the steam bonnet and so on.


  • It is easy to use
  • It steams within forty-five seconds
  • It is a fitted with removable tanks
  • It can be utilized for different kinds of wardrobe clothing materials
  • It has multiple holes for equitable distribution of steam

The instructions are available in three different languages, which means that many people would not find it hard to use the device.


  • There is no doubt that this is a great product. There are a few shortcomings and here are some of them:
  • It springs hot water indiscriminately
  • It drops water on your garments

You can spend as much as ten minutes in one cloth, this is time-consuming, and many people would not like this.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which isthe best way to use the device, it is by using it upright, tilting it downwards and ensure water does not leak?


It is better to follow the instructions that were presented, and use it by hanging it on an iron.


Is it advisable to use tap water in this product?


Yes, it is better to use tap water, if you read the manual very well, you would understand that tap water is always recommended.


I am having a problem with my water reservoir, it does not lock, do you think that it is broken?


Read the manual very well. It would not lock well if the water tap is not secured properly.

Final verdict..

There is no doubt that this is one of the best handheld garment steamer on the market today. It delivers a fast and efficient result, and it can be used on different kinds of fabrics and several other clothing materials. This means that you can actually apply the device to your different wardrobe clothes.

You can see from the features that it is fitted with more user-friendly features, and this means that you would not find it hard to use the product. It has a straightforward and easy to follow instruction. You can see that everything about the product is such that you are not going to find it hard to use the product.

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