SALAV GS45-DJ Orange Professional Series Dual Bar Garment Steamer with Foot Pedals Review

SALAV GS45-DJ Orange Professional Series Dual Bar Garment Steamer with Foot Pedals is the perfect steamer that every family deserves to own. It is indeed a professional steamer because it features those things that ensure that you get the best. It has a dual telescopic bar support.

This is indeed unique because it makes the product more durable and stable. This means that it is not going to tilt while you are working with it. Moreover, it is a power steamer as it works at the rate of one thousand five hundred watt. Because of the ergonomic design, nobody will find it hard to use the product.


Features powerful and setting foot pedals

One thing many users found great with the product is the fact that it features a power and setting foot pedals. This steams and power setting is very convenient and because of that, its users can comfortably and easily switch between any of the two steam settings.

It makes possible for its users to switch between power foot pedals and setting foot pedals. It facilitates the steaming process and this features set it apart from similar products on the market today.


Dual Bar support

Another feature that is unique to the product is the dual bar support. It has dual telescopic bars. These bars are great because they make for added support to the system, and because of that, you are sure that when you are using it that it would never tilt from one end to another end.

This additional support is needed especially in a situation where the hanger is malfunctioning. Because of this, you are sure that all types of clothes that you want to steam that it would hold it. This also adds to its convenience.

Double insulated hose

Another great feature that you are going to discover in this great product is the double insulated hose. The steamer offers two different layers of insulation. This is unique because it offers lots of support to the steam.

It helps the system by regulating the steam temperature. It ensures that the system works at it optimal capacity as it regulates the surface heat. You are not going to encounter any such problem like overheating irrespective of the type of heat that is applied to the system.

It has all the needed accessories

Another thing that makes the brand unique is that all those accessories that would facilitate heating are included in the system. It contained most necessary accessories and the most prominent among the accessories it contained are two hanger clips.

These help in clipping the garments so that they do not fall off. Others include a fabric brush as well as a small ironing paddle. All these accessories are useful because they facilitate the work you do with the steamer.


  • It is very powerful at 1500 watts, and it offers continuous heating
  • It is fitted with a removable 1.8 liters water tank, and this can heat for one hour continuously
  • It offers dual hanger for different kinds of garment
  • It has dual hose for cooling effect


  • Here are some of the benefits of using this great steamer:
  • It has different attachments, and these are needed to provide additional support for the system
  • Secondly, the steamer is easy and convenient to use
  • The product is very powerful and it is fast, it heats fast and it has a cooling system that reduces the intensity of the heat
  • It features a variable steam and this is very useful in using the system.


  • Confusing setting lights
  • Though it has a garment pole, this is short
  • Even the clothing clips do not work fine


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Does it have auto shut off feature?

A: For safety reason, the manufacturers have put auto shut off feature

Q: What of the dimension

A: The dimensions range from 15.6 by 11.5 by 16.1 inches. You can use it in the closet, but you must have power in the closet but that depends whether you want to use it in a confined area.

Q: Can distil by used with this steamer?

A: You are free to use either distilled water or tap water. If you use it with any of these, you may not have any issue with it.

Final Verdict…

This steamer is a very powerful product and that has to do with its great features. As you can see, it features telescopic bar support. These are two in number. The aim is to provide the needed support.

It is very fast and powerful. It can deliver the most efficient steaming result. It can work continuously for at least one hour, and it has an efficient cooling system. It delivers the best results to its users. If you are looking for the best garment that can serve you and your household, you have to opt for this product.

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